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Eighty candidates applied for Maui County  seats in 2022. Our community's most active progressive leaders spent 1,400 hours searching, evaluating   interviewing and selecting the top candidates who will best serve the people and the 'aina we call the 'Ohana Candidates.  Become an informed voter through Maui Pono Network's guide to local issues, elections and candidates.


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The Maui Pono Network's Candidate Support

The MPN provides extensive campaign support to those who will be on our Ohana Candidate slate . This campaign support includes exposure through ‘Ohana Candidates banners, signs, and fliers. Professionally produced videos and media for distribution Coaching and support in presentation skills, writing and questionnaires. Developing campaign strategies.  ‘Ohana Candidates Meet and Greets. Exposure through community events, like Earth Day.  Social Media coverage and advertising.

  1. As a standard PAC, the Maui Pono Network has full access to candidates and can work with them to develop their campaigns, there is no limitation for volunteer support and that is the major focus for our organization. There is a spending cap.

  2. The Maui Pono Network can donate to our Ohana Candidates a maximum of $2,000 per election cycle. For example we can donate $4,000 to the mayoral race as it is a 4 year term. Also state wide races like Governor is $6,000. Collectively for our slate of candidates we can donate $34,000 in total to candidates; this includes in-kind donations, but does not include volunteer time.

  3. In-kind donations would come from professionals donating their time in the service that they presently are paid for. Example, having a professional presentation trainer work with candidates on presentation skills is an in-kind donation. Non- professional volunteers, who don’t presently earn money at the service they are providing, are not considered in-kind donations and have no restrictions.

  4. Our work that focuses on platform issues like affordable housing, water rights, island carrying capacity …. These activities are not focused on electing a candidate and are not part of the PAC accounting. There are no funding or donation restrictions from the Campaign Spending Commission and that is why we have a separate Maui Pono Network accounting system.

  5. Advertisements for candidates is considered an independent expenditure if we do not coordinate with them. Social media and internet activities are not part of PAC reporting and restrictions as long as we do not use material derived from them or get their approval or discuss the promotion with them.

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