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Maui County Council

Be an Informed Voter

All Voters should vote for all 9 County Council representative


The Maui County Council proposes and votes on laws and ordinances effecting Maui County. They also approve the mayor's budget and form resolutions. The nine member council has candidates from each residency area, however, the whole county votes for someone in each residency area. Find out more about the candidates below. 

​Interviews are also available on our YouTube and Facebook channel or Akaku TV.

Maui COUNCIL Residency areas.jpg

Maui County Council Interviews

Meet the Elected Council Members

Keani Rawlins Fernandez    Molaka'i'

Gabe Johnson      Lana'i

Shane Sinenci     East Maui

County Council Candidates to Consider in the 2024 Elections

Carol Lee Kamekona     Candidate Highlight

Noelani Ahia    Wailuku

Jordon Hocker        Upcountry

Nara Boone   Makawao, Paia, Haiku

Robin Knox    South Maui

Danial Smith    Makawao, Paia, Haiku

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