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Are you concerned with the future of Maui? 

​You can make a difference. Take a stand. Exercise your voice.

Get involved with the Maui community and elected officials.

Weekly Schedule of Testimonies for County and State and Votes by Elected Officials

To Begin January 2023

You can access Maui County Council meetings at .
To learn about Maui County Council process, view this introductory video tutorial on  the structure and function of county council and how to give written or live testimony

Consider Volunteering for Maui County Boards and Commissions


Positions are appointed by the mayor, confirmed by the County Council and have terms lasting two to five years. Citizens serve as volunteers and provide important public service for Maui County government. Volunteers are reimbursed for allowable travel expenses.

Submissions are kept on file for at least two years, and applicants may be considered for nomination whenever a position opens. Openings occur when a term expires or when vacancies occur after resignations from boards, commissions and committees.

A listings of the 34 boards and commissions and applications are available at

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