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Maui ohana candidates
Maui Pono Network, Dedicated to
Pono Government thru Community Action.
The Maui Pono Network Weekly News Brief

Maui County Weekly Update for 3/25/2024

  • Interview with State Senator Angus McKelvy    Topics:

  • The controversial Bill 3381 affecting Lahaina reconstruction, its intent and why it died in the House

  • This bill's intent points to county deficiencies

  • How the recovery funding for Lahaina is controlled and directed

  • Disaster capitalism

  • HB 1838 and SB 2919 addressing short term rentals

  • The need for forms of rent control

  • The death of the clean election bill and its return next year

Learn about Maui's Progressive History and why a Progressive majority is essential for a healthy and prosperous community and environmental.

Post disaster tips

Lahaina Fire

If you have lost something in these disasters, be mindful that your claims are outrageously valuable. Even if you didn’t have insurance, you have federal disaster claims, lawsuit claims, wrongful death claims, mass tort claims, and other financial and tangible claims. If you get calls from people trying to “buy you out” of your home or your claims, be very wary! They may know a lot more than you do about the value of what you have. Do not sell your home or your claims without first consulting an


Help Us Change State and County Laws

that Hurt Maui County

The Maui Pono Network is working to establish Grassroots Political Action Committees in our three other Hawaiian Counties. In 2021 we helped establish the independent Huli PAC,, on the Big Island. We are focused on Oahu and Kauai while strengthening the existing PACs. Now is the time to set up the needed network and infrastructure for the 2024 elections. We are calling this initiative that extends beyond Maui, the Reclaim Democracy Project.


The goal is identifying and campaigning for candidates and initiatives that serve the people and ‘aina instead of big money interests. This majority of state legislators can make real changes that affect our county.


The Reclaim Democracy Project provides educational materials and strategic consulting to help organize and develop this important avenue of civic action that brings about systemic change. We do need funds for this initiative. Mahalo for your financial support.



All 13 Charter Amendments passed in the 2022 Elections

Learn how this rewiring of county governance will affect community



As the only organization promoting all 13 charter amendments, the Maui Pono Network’s core team and volunteers are joyous for our community because we understand the uplifting changes they bring.

The 13 amendments rewire our county governance system to be more effective, efficient, transparent and accountable; and will also increase civic engagement and professionalism. We will have the structure to truly provide affordable housing purchase and rental. They will steer the abundance of the one of the richest counties in the United States to resolve long standing issues and needs and put an end to the main avenues of nepotism and cronyism. Our county residents will have control of our water system instead of a Canadian Pension Fund known for its pillage. Mahalo to the many organizations and individuals who contributed to the community’s awareness on this water legislation.


Be informed on why these amendments are important and the change they bring to our governance.

2022 Maui County State, Mayoral and County Council Races

Better Representation in our State Government, 1 Senate Seat and 3 House of Representatives.

All four of the state candidates we supported were voted in. This makes a small block that adds to other elected state officials from other counties who support the people and the ‘aina. Learn about our elected candidates through in depth interviews.


The New Mayor's Effectiveness is an Unknown

Many are hopeful that our new mayor will do an effective job in administering this one-billion-dollar county corporation. Will the new mayor bring Maui County closer to having “pono governance”? The Maui Pono Network will monitor decisions as we are starting with a clean slate.


The County Council Election Results

The Maui Pono Network supported 9 county council seats and won 5. However, the 5th candidate did not have a progressive voting record and yet was considered better than her opponent.  Two of our progressive council leaders will be leaving their office after an unsuccessful bid for mayor. Their replacements were heavily funded by the Carpenter’s Union and big money interests.

Elected official’s voting records will tell all. The Maui Pono Network will be watching and informing our community, stay tuned.  Register to receive our posts.

Be an informed voter, know candidates on the 2022 Maui County ballots. Watch in depth interviews that asks important questions on issues, vision, governance and background. The primary is August 13 with mail in ballots received July 27. Who will you choose to represent you at the table of our local governance.

The Maui Charter is our local Constitution and affects the power distribution, decision process and wiring of our local government.  This foundation document is reviewed by a resident's Commission every 10 years.

​Learn why these 14 amendments were chosen and the potential impact to our community.

They will be on the November ballot.

Learn about important issues and needs affecting our community with possible solutions. Topics include;

  • Affordable Housing

  • Fresh Water 

  • Food Security

  • Tourism Management

  • Pesticides

  • Environmental Stewardship

Maui Pono Network operates through local volunteers and grassroots funding. Find out how to get more involved, from sharing media, to helping with events and campaigns. Your monetary and volunteer donations stretch far and powerfully to effect positive change. 

Get involved, donate, and help inform voters.


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