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Be an informed voter, know candidates on the 2022 Maui County ballots. Watch in depth interviews that asks important questions on issues, vision, governance and background. The primary is August 13 with mail in ballots received July 27. Who will you choose to represent you at the table of our local governance.

The Maui Charter is our local Constitution and affects the power distribution, decision process and wiring of our local government.  This foundation document is reviewed by a resident's Commission every 10 years.

​Learn why these 14 amendments were chosen and the potential impact to our community.

They will be on the November ballot.

Learn about important issues and needs affecting our community with possible solutions. Topics include;

  • Affordable Housing

  • Fresh Water 

  • Food Security

  • Tourism Management

  • Pesticides

  • Environmental Stewardship

Maui Pono Network operates through local volunteers and grassroots funding. Find out how to get more involved, from sharing media, to helping with events and campaigns. Your monetary and volunteer donations stretch far and powerfully to effect positive change. 

Get involved, donate, and help inform voters.